About Us

All products are manufactured through professional research based on years of expertise of true dermatologists.

Healthy skin begins with healthy cosmetics

Since 2000, CNP Cosmetics is the Derma Cosmetics Brand launched with various other cosmetics in 2000, incorporating dermatology treatment and the abundant clinical experience of CNP skin specialists along with Cha Mi-kyung, a president and dermatologist, and President Lee Dong-won.

In numerous cases, representative Cha witnessed deteriorating skin condition in the absence of proper skincare after dermatological treatment; whereby she realized the necessity of proper cosmetics and launched her business in earnest. In the beginning, CNP Cosmetics developed skincare products, masks, acne treatment formulas, UV block creams, among other products with ingredients carefully selected based on years of clinical expertise and knowledge of skin, from which she earned widespread renown and popularity.

Since then, the dermatologists of CNP Cosmetics with years of clinical experience and scientific medial knowledge based on the philosophy ‘healthy skin from healthy cosmetics’ have gained popularity.

Most notably, CNP cosmetics releases only those products that have passed its verification system and years of research, which places priority on skin safety, refraining from unconditional quantitative growth. While the system takes relatively longer for the company to develop products compared to other cosmetic brands, most of CNP’s products have been steady sellers for a long period thanks to viral marketing among consumers.

Amid fierce competition from various cosmetic brands both all home and abroad and active sharing of information related to beauty stemming from interest and recent zeal relating to skin care, CNP’s cosmetic brand power based on scientific skin knowledge and abundant clinical experiments has been initiated based on sincere care for customers.