About Us

CNP Cosmetics - The Global Dermatology

As a leader among domestic dermatology brands, CNP Cosmetics was established with participation of 50 dermatologists and ten years of expertise from the R&D stage, so as to manufacture products that best suited to skin of all types.

The company is making products safe from the five harmful elements (five No’s) through its (colorless, non-Alcohol, non-Paraben, non-Fragrance, non-Mineral oil) seven-step verification test processes, such as thorough testing and internal/external quality evaluation, by selecting skin-friendly elements based on a deep understanding of skin.

The company invests in the finest raw materials and substances for skin only, rather than luxurious packaging, spring no effort to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

CNP Dermatology - The Clinic Chain Network

At the first onset of its main office in Yangjae in 1966, CNP Dermatology is the leader of the domestic beauty industry with a large network of 22 specialised dermatologist clinics and medical cosmetics in Sinchon, Yeouido, Apqujeong, Samsung, Myeong-dong, Cheonan, Gangnam, Incheon, Suhhyun (Bundang), Jungja (Bundang), Cheonho, Pyeongchon, Uijeongbu, Pyeongtaek, Mokdong, Suwon, Nowon Bucheon, Ansan, Sungshin Women’s University, and Konkuk University centering round Seoul and the Metropolitan Area, and CNP Hair Clinic that specializes in hair only.

CNP, which introduced the medical skincare concept in the 1990s, has been growing at the forefront of the Korean beauty industry. It promotes solutions to basic problems, offering caring treatment based on abundant experience in each specialized field. In the wake of the smartphone era, CNP Dermatology provides one-step upgraded medical services for realizing beauty technology for customer through a dermatological treatment program that meet the needs of customers through scientific skin diagnosis. To find out more, kindly visit www.cnpskin.net.