올컨트롤 세럼

All Control Moisturizer

 Refreshing mineral oil-free moisturizer that soothes skin and controls sebum 

Moisturizer with linoleic acid that prevents clogging of pores and improves the elimination of sebum and oil. It also contains phytosphingosine which relieves skin problems and the CNP Anti-Irritant Complex that gently soothes problem-prone skin without irritation.

Volume: 60ml

Price: RM 157.40


Controls oil and boosts moist

The Zn-PCA ingredient comprising of sebum-controlling zinc (Zn) and natural moisturizing factor (PCA) helps to reduce oil and boost moist.


Alleviates and soothes troubled skin

Ingredients such as Magnolia bark, green tea, tangerine and Thujopsis Dolabrata extracts alleviate skin troubles and the internally built CNP Anti-Irritant Complex effectively relieves skin.


Natural trouble care ingredients

Treats sensitive skin with natural CNP Anti-blemish Complex.

How To Use

  1. After touch up with skin toner, apply a moderate amount for absorption.