클렌징 퍼펙타

Cleansing Perfecta

 Mild makeup cleansing gel that removes water-proof sun cream and BB cream 

This is a cleansing gel that does not contain mineral oil which effectively removes water-proof sunscreen and BB cream, which are difficult to remove using regular cleansing foam.

Volume: 150ml

Price: RM 96.80


Deep cleansing

Thoroughly dissolves sun cream or BB products which are waterproof and difficult to be removed, leaving no residues.


Mineral oil-free type

Mineral oil-free silicon formulation thoroughly cleans sensitive skin without irritation.


Alleviates skin irritation

Contains anti-irritant complex developed by CNP and herbal extract ingredients which are excellent for stimulating mitigation. The unique formulation minimises skin irritation right from the cleansing stage and soothes as well as moisturises skin.

How To Use

  1. Apply a moderate amount on face.
  2. Massage cleanser evenly on face.
  3. Wipe face with tissue or lukewarm water.
  4. Rinse face.