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Energy Ampule

 CNP Propolis Energy Ampule contains high concentration of propolis 

It helps to reinforce vitality of your skin. Propolis is well-known for its skin protection & healing efficacy. CNP Propolis Energy Ampule is a skin-friendly product containing pure essential oils and it is free of preservatives that may potentially irritate the skin.

Volume: 15ml

Price: RM 113.40


Soothing effect

CNP's Anti-Irritant Complex and beta-glucan, such as MAdecassoside, soothes sensitive skin that has been exposed to external enviromental factors.



Hyaluronic acid is one of the key oisturizing ingredients that helps the skin to maintain a firm and glowing appearance.


Enhance skin's vitality

With antioxidant propertis, Propolis extract helps to enhance the skin's vitality for firm and glowing skin.



Harmful components such as parabens are not added to the product.

Doctor! Why?

Is Propolis and Honey the same ingredient? NO

Bee propolis is a sticky resinous mixture that acts like a sealant or caulk to eliminate small gaps or open holes in the beehive. It reinforces the structural stability of the hive and prevents diseases and parasites from entering it. It also inhibits fungal and bacterial growth. In comparison, honey is a liquid bee food source made from flower nectar via regurgitation that is stored in the hive's wax honeycombs. Propolis is believed to have antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, an ingredient superior to honey!

What are the main components of Propolis Energy Ampule?

CNP Propolis Energy Ampule's main component is 10% propolis extract, that has great anti-inflammatory properties to enhance the skin's natural defense as well as deeply moisturize the skin. CNP's Anti-Irritant Complex and Sophora extract also helps to protect the skin against external environmental factors.

Does a higher Propolis extract percentage equate to better product efficacy? NO

High percentage of Propolis extract does not equate to better product efficacy. It represents a cosmetic effect which is due to the active ingredient of 10%, Blindly increasing the amount of active ingredients on the skin can lead to poison or severe irritation.

How To Use

  1. After cleansing morning and night, following toner, apply a moderate amount and massage gently, covering the entire face.
  2. A few drops mixed into your cream can help boost its effects on skin and even make your moisturizer more spreadable. A trick to ensure we wake up with radiant skin the next day after sleeping in air conditioner room.
  3. Mix with your BB cream, CC cream or sunblock so it doesn’t become cakey or dry throughout the course of the day. You may dispense a drop of ampule on finger tips and gently dab on the apples and brow bones of the face – a great way to brighten up the face, with a subtle shimmer as compared to using a highlighter.
  4. Use as lip serum which is good in nourishing your lips.