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Vita-Solution Whitening Ampule

 A soothing ampule with whitening effects 

Vitamin A and Vitamin B3, with multi-vitamin effects, help keep the skin looking clean and clear, while niacinamide helps to whiten the skin. The Vitamin C derivative provides the same benefits as Vitamin C, yet does not get oxidized as easily, so it is more effective and stable for the skin.

Volume: 15ml

Price: RM 129.80


Moisturizing conditioning recovery

Recovers moisture to prevent roughness of skin, creates moist skin environment, and protects skin from external factors.


Clear skin tone and brightening effects

The stabled Vitamin C derivative penetrates deep into the skin, providing partial tone improvement of stratum corneum as well as glowing to your entire face.


Vit C + Vit B3 Multi-vitamin double whitening effect

The combined action of Vitamins C and B3 (Niacinamide) prevents skin pigmentation and helps to dissolve melanin pigment, ensuring dual whitening actions in and out of the skin.

How To Use

  1. After touching up with skin toner, take a moderate amount and gently spread evenly on the entire face, especially on problematic areas. Remember to apply sunscreen before you leave home.