에이클리어 스팟 패치

Anti-Blemish Spot Patch

Skin care patch developed specifically for problematic redness & acne areas 

Oval-shaped patch made with waterproof yet breathable material that can be attached to any area in need of care.

3 sheets containing 12 patches each.

Price: RM 33.00


Contains Salicyclic acid and Tea tree-leaf oil

Contains ingredients effective for the care of problematic skin.


Excellent permeability for skin protection

A specially designed round-type patch that allows airflow on skin while blocking external contamination.


Light-weight and transparent patch

The transparent patch is easily attached and removed.


Intensive effects of active ingredients

The patch is attached directly on trouble areas to ensure intensive care.

How To Use

  1. Remove the oval-shaped patch from film.
  2. Attach patch on troubled spot.
  3. Leave patch on for about 8-12 hours.