블랙헤드 클리너

Blackhead Cleaner

 Designed base on biomedical engineering that helps to remove blackheads, sebum & dead skin cells. 

The silicon brush is used to thoroughly clean dead skin cells and waste inside pores. It's soft and safe on the skin, giving out a massage effect. The brush is to remove sebum and dead skin around the nose.

Price: RM 44.20


Use of safe silicon material

The silicon brush is made of safe silicon material and can last for a long time.

Skin massaging effect

The silicon massager, which is soft and safe to use on the skin, provides an excellent massaging effect.


Effectively removes blackheads & sebum from pores, and dead skin

The silicon brush designed specially by CNP helps to remove blackhead, sebum, and dead skin cells softly and cleanly. It is also safe to use on skin.

How To Use

  1. Silicon brush & Massager (the head)
  2. Make foam bubbles and apply the foam using the brush on areas concentrated with dead skin cells and blackhead.
  3. Sebum compressor (the handle)
  4. Adjust the compressor hole to the whitehead or blackhead areas and press gently.