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Deep Moisture Pack

 The Propolis Deep Moisture Pack is an intensive overnight hydrating treatment 

During sleeping hours, Madecassoside provides vitality to skin that has been exposed to stress and environmental factors throughout the day and helps to restore damaged skin.

Volume: 80ml

Price: RM 129.80


Hydration and nourishment

Propolis extract is deeply moisturising and the sleep pack delivers intensive hydration and nutrients to the skin to enhance the skin's elasticity.


Soothe sensitive skin

During sleeping hours, Madecassoside help to soothe skin exposed to external stress and environmental factors, restoring the skin's natural defense barriers.


Smart care

This smart care solution soothes skin, delivers vital nutrients and maintains oil and moisture balance within the skin.


Easy to use

Simply sleep with the mask to deliver intensive nutrients to the skin - no need to rinse off.

How To Use

  1. Apply twice a week as final step of nightly skincare routine.
  2. Gently apply to cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth and neck.
  3. Pat with palms so that moisture pack is well absorbed
  4. Wash off the followng morning with lukewarm water